I am a leading provider of internet services tailored for any industry, preference, content or audience. I am a Management Graduate with vast experience in internet marketing and content creation and development.

I work with SEO to provide clients both off-net and on-net optimization. Along with this, I also provide the following services:

  • Training on search engine optimization
  • Public relations campaigns on social media
  • Web creation and design
  • Article writing
  • Building of links
  • Indexing on Google
  • Hosting

The above are only some of the high quality services that I offer my clients. It is always my endeavor to ensure a user friendly experience in searching for various products and content, to enhance the probability of sites being among the most popular and to make sure that your presence online is as strong as possible. I provide these services indiscriminately to both individuals and corporate customers.

Digital marketing

My goal in digital marketing is to promote and develop brands of organizations. I do this by the use of various media for example emailing, social networking platforms and other electronic channels.

I can use push digital marketing, whereby I tailor and disseminate messages to target audiences for example by advertizing on websites or blogging sites. Alternatively, there is pull digital marketing where I tailor content in such a way that consumers feel the need to navigate the internet in such of products or particular sites that I am promoting. SEO is a vital tactic in improving performance in this strategy.

The Process

Once talks have been initiated between me and a prospective client, we set out to discuss what exactly will be needed and what action will be taken on the sites. We measure and analyze what a company, for example, is doing and what it has been doing in terms of the expected results. Close regular communication is essential here.

After this, the company’s website is comprehensively analyzed and broken down for a better understanding of the analytics. An outline is made so as to detail the structure and activity of the website.

I do my research on the relevant keywords that would drive the most traffic to the website. I also look at the keywords that are used by the top sites in a particular industry as well as other analysis to do with keywords and phrases. These details I will provide in my keyword analysis report. This report is what I will use to formulate a strategy for marketing and site development as well as creation or rewriting of the content.

I have done this work for several years and for numerous clients, with outstanding success. Contact me and enjoy the benefits of online success, visibility and relevance.