SEO is a popular term that refers to search engine optimization in full. This is a process of influencing a website’s image in search results that can either be paid or unpaid. The searches can be anything ranging from academics, videos, images, local industry and news related. I use my understanding of SEO to formulate effective, robust internet marketing strategies to promote a website.

When coming up with these strategies I consider the ways in a search engine works, what people are mostly looking for, the exact keywords and phrases that are being used in searches and the most popular and preferred search engines by internet users. I offer various SEO services. These include:

  • Creating and editing HTML and associated coding
  • Editing of the website content
  • Dealing with obstacles to successful indexing by search engines
  • Increasing inbound links to a particular website

Although SEO is one of the most useful internet marketing strategies, it is not necessarily always my best pick for every website. Strategy is formulated depending on its effectiveness and the intended goals of the operators of a website. Some of the ways in which I may successfully formulate a good strategy are:

  • Creating persuasive content
  • Making web pages as engaging as possible
  • Developing and improving the conversion rate of a website
  • Coming up with effective ways of measuring results by use of analytics

Working with me you can be sure of the strictest and most transparent ethical practices. I use what are called white hat SEO techniques. This basically means that I use techniques that are in conformity with the rules, regulations and guidelines of a search engine and that are not deceptive. I develop content that is intended for the user and that eventually will be seen by the user upon visiting a particular site. I do not try to trick a search engine.

Those who try to trick the engine use black hat techniques. These are ways of improving the analytics of a site by using methods that are not accepted by particular search engines and may involve lying or trickery. This is an unethical practice that I avoid at all costs.

I strive to maintain the highest levels of integrity and professionalism. When I initiate talks with a potential client I seek to get their website indexed and more prominently viewed but also maintain and uphold the site’s credibility amongst peers and customers.