Any person who has ever used the internet knows very well how important a tool it is in our lives. Different people use the internet for diverse reasons. An artist may use the internet to promote their music and artistic works whereas a student may use it for study and research. Businesses may want to establish presence on the internet to promote their products or for public relations functions. Whatever your reasons for using the internet, you need me on your side.

I am an experienced professional who provides various services to clients. Key among these services is search engine optimization, or SEO. I use many tactics in SEO to give clients’ websites higher standing and ranking on all the major search lists. Statistics shows that majority of internet users rarely go to the second page of a search list and will usually click on the first links they see. This means that you need to ensure that links to your content appears among the topmost on the list.

Another service that I offer is SMO, or social media marketing. This is where I use several social media platforms to propagate more visibility and awareness of brands, products, events or services by generating as much publicity as possible. I may use social networking site like Facebook and Twitter or RSS feeds. The basic goal here is to channel and direct traffic and user awareness of a website.

I also offer content services to my clients. I work towards tailoring a website’s content such that the website can easily be found on a search, as well as keeping the message accurate and relevant to the target audience. Keywords are a key component in formulating the content of a website and it is this that guides me in the process of generating optimized material to increase chances of being seen. I make considerations regarding the type of website, the particular industry, the level of language, the use of images and other multimedia devices as well as the creation of widgets and back links.

I also provide web designing and web developing services. I create and set up websites for new entrants into the internet space and help to maintain already existing ones. This requires attention to detail, keenness and sensitivity to the needs of the client and of the market as a whole.

If a strong online presence is what you need, I am the right person for the job.