Short for social media optimization, SMO is a process in which products, brands and services are made visible and marketed online by the use of increased publicity on outlets and communities on social media. I use sites with bookmarks and social news, networking sites like LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook as well as RSS feeds. If your aim is to increase visits and subsequent acclaim to your website, I can use SMO to optimize your site’s content for viral viewership across social media channels.

Whenever I engage in a social media marketing campaign for a client, I usually have some goals that I aim to achieve. These are:

1. To make contents of a page easy for users to share with others
2. To engage the audience and to reward them for their participation
3. The creation of content that somebody is able to share
4. To make the sharing of content proactive
5. To encourage the mash up whereby users can take up and adopt the original content of your site

Various strategies are employed in my marketing campaigns so as to achieve maximum publicity for your site. First, I may need to establish a presence for your brand on every social media site where your target audience can be found. This may involve opening a Twitter account for you, starting a fan page on Facebook or creating professional networks on G+ or LinkedIn.

Next I would need to build a fan base for you. This may involve starting by inviting friends to join and participate in the pages, and convince them to share the information with their friends and to invite them to join. As we grow and maintain the fan base we need to keep the audience engaged and entertained thus building a connection between us and the customers.

Participation is advised and if possible, we can reward some members of the audience for the contributions or loyalty. Combining all these strategies mixed with the client’s own expectations helps to create a unique social media marketing strategy that is specially tailored for a specific site. In the process of building visibility for the brand, we continue to brainstorm and come up with more innovative ways of increasing traffic and prominence for the website.

This is a continuous, dynamic process and not a single event that one does and finishes. One has to be constantly engaged in the process of SMO.